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  • Framing the Energy East Pipeline Debate in Canada: Public Opinion is Sensitive to Public Safety and Economic Considerations
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    Energy Research & Social Science.


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Policy Papers

  • Which Canadians support a green [and just] economic recovery?
    Lachapelle, Erick. 2021
    EcoAnalytics Brief: 1-12.
  • Which Canadians support nature-based solutions to the climate emergency?
    Lachapelle, Erick. 2021
    EcoAnalytics Brief: 1-16.
  • Meeting supporters of Canada’s environmental movement where they are: An audience segmentation analysis
    Martel-Morin, Marjolaine and Erick Lachapelle. 2021
    EcoAnalytics Brief: 1-10.
  • Radicals, reformers and lifestylers: Deepening engagement with diverse supporters of Canada’s environmental movement
    Lachapelle, Erick. 2020
    EcoAnalytics Brief: 1-29.
  • Millennial paradox: Engaging conflicted younger Canadians in environmental protection
    Lachapelle, Erick. 2019
    EcoAnalytics Brief: 1-31.
  • Is bad weather good? How extreme weather may provide an opportunity to engage Canadians on climate change
    Lachapelle, Erick. 2019
    EcoAnalytics: 1-24.
  • Powerful words : Talking to Canadians about Climate Change
    Lachapelle, Erick. 2018
    EcoAnalytics: 1-17.
  • Engaging the Five Canadas of Climate Change
    Lachapelle, Erick and Marjolaine Martel-Morin. 2018
    EcoAnalytics Analytical Report, March 2018: 1-44.
  • Framing the transition to renewable energy
    Comeau, Louise and Erick Lachapelle. 2018
    EcoAnalytics: 1-20.
  • Shifting perceptions, influential values and the power of trust
    Comeau, Louise and Erick Lachapelle. 2018
  • Belief (and disbelief) in global warming: 10 years of attitudes about climate change
    Borick, Chris, Natalie B. Fitzpatrick, Sarah B. Mills, Erick Lachapelle and Barry Rabe. 2019
    Issues in Energy and Environmental Policy 43: 1-22.
  • Building Support for Carbon Pricing Among Canadians
    Lachapelle, Erick. 2018
    EcoAnalytics Research Note, february 2018: 1-29.
  • Shades of green: Analysis of Canadian attitudes to a range of environmental issues based on EcoAnalytics Panoramic Survey
    Lachapelle, Erick, Jean-Philippe Gauvin, et Marjolaine Martel-Morin. 2017
  • Enquête sur les entreprises touchées par le système de plafonnement et d’échange de droits d’émission de gaz à effet de serre du Québec 
    Lachapelle, Erick, Jacques Papy, Pierre-Olivier Pineau and Hélène Trudeau. 2017
    Rapport Bourgogne CIRANO-IEDDEC, june 2017.
  • Climate of Change: Analysis of a National Survey of Canadian Opinions about Climate and Energy Issues
    Lachapelle, Erick, Valérie-Anne Mahéo, and Richard Nadeau. 2016
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  • Notes et analyses
    Lachapelle, Erick, Simon Guertin-Armstrong, Louis Beaumier, Pierre Martin and Richard Nadeau. 2016
    Chaire d’études politiques et économiques américaines, CERIUM, Issue 31: 1-6.

Working Papers

  • Nimby or not? Proximity, ideology and opposition toward hydraulic fracturing in Quebec, Michigan and Pennsylvania
    Lachapelle, Erick, Timothy Gravelle, Christopher Borick and Eric Montpetit
  • Education, Framing and Partisan Polarization on Global Climate Change
    Chassé, Alexandre, Erick Lachapelle and Christopher Borick
  • Is support for international climate action conditional on perceptions of reciprocity? Evidence from three population-based survey experiments
    Tvinnereim, Endre and Erick Lachapelle
  • Varieties of Climate Capitalism: Patterns of Research, Development and Energy-related Subsidies
    Patterson, Matthew, Robert McNeil and Erick Lachapelle
  • Pathways to Carbon Energy Taxation in the OECD: Preferences, Parties and Electoral Regimes
    Lachapelle, Erick
  • The politics of carbon pricing in Australia
    Lachapelle, Erick and Jean-Philippe Gauvin
  • Following the Doctors’ Orders? Theory and Practice of Carbon Pricing in the OECD
    Lachapelle, Erick